Interactive Wellness is designed to provide you with personalized medical care and direct access to your doctor, along with meaningful preventive medical care.

It is based on an annual comprehensive preventive medicine health assessment, which includes a review of your current health status and lifestyle issues, along with a complete physical examination. We’ll discuss ongoing preventive medicine, including nutrition, weight control, smoking cessation, exercise, and alcohol use, and vaccines to prevent influenza and travel-related diseases.

This time is all yours—it provides you with an opportunity to talk with your doctor about anything on your mind, large or small. And it gives the doctor a chance to get to know you and your medical history thoroughly. After this point, as a participating patient in the program, you’ll receive internal medicine services, as well as telephone and e-mail access to your doctor.

This means that to ask a question or seek advice, all you need to do is call or email. And whether it’s an unusually severe bout of hay fever, a persistent knee problem, or something more serious, you know that you’ll be talking with someone who knows you, and takes your health to heart.